Insalata di Matematica - S. Billi

Integral lattices and cubic fourfolds with prime-order non-symplectic automorphisms

Il 28 febbraio 2024, alle 4:30 pm (CET), nel quadro della serie di seminari Insalate di Matematica, Simone Billi (Università degli Studi di Genova) parlerà di

Title: " Integral lattices and cubic fourfolds with prime-order non-symplectic automorphisms"

Abstract: Much information about the geometry of a cubic fourfold Y is encoded in the Hodge decomposition ofcohomology group H^4(Y, C). The integral cohomology H^4(Y, Z) endowed with the Poincaré pairing forms an integrallattice, the Torelli theorem asserts that the sublattice of algebraic classes uniquely determines the cubic. In a work inprogress with A. Grossi, we compute the algebraic lattice of a general cubic fourfold with a non-symplecticautomorphism of order 3. This allows us to formulate geometrical considerations and deduce the rationality of thecubic in some cases

Keywords: Integral lattices, cubic fourfold, automorphisms 

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The seminar will take place in room U5-3014, at the building U5-Ratio, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca.

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(password: insalate, 46725283 from phones)