Research on Algebra

Group Theory, Discrete Structures, and Applications

The Research Group in Algebra is composed by 8 people and several Ph.D. students.

The main research lines are the following:

  • Groups representations;
  • Linear groups and representation of groups with elements having particular spectrum;
  • Projective moduli;
  • Cohomology and representations of finite and profinite groups;
  • Cohomology and representations of restricted Lie algebras;
  • Graded Lie algebras, classification of thin algebras, generalizations of the Nottingham group algebra;
  • Geometrical and combinatorical aspects in finite group theory;
  • Structure of locally compact, totally disconnected, groups;
  • Probability in groups, Moebius functions on finite groups;
  • Groups of permutations and applications of the theory of groups of permutations to cryptographic systems and linear codes and, in general, to combinatorial structures;
  • Action of groups on graphs;
  • Algebraic entropy of group endomorphisms.