The Department

The Department of Mathematics and its Applications was funded in 1999 with the aim of promoting the research in Mathematics and of providing the teaching activities in Mathematics in the University of Milano – Bicocca.

The dean is Prof. G. Falqui.

Every year the Department organizes a program of scientific activities in the leading sectors of mathematical research. The Department's research is organized into several disciplines: Algebra, Geometry, Harmonic and Functional Analysis, Calculus of Variations and Differential Equations, Mechanics and Dynamic Systems, Numerical Analysis, Probability. The corresponding research groups actively participate in national and international scientific life and maintain a dense network of scientific relationships with individual researchers, groups, centers of excellence and Italian and foreign research institutions. The scientific production of the Department has been recognized by the international scientific community and the results obtained have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals in the sector.

The Department hosts the PhD program in Pure and Applied Mathematics in consortium with the University of Pavia and with INdAM.

At the Department there is a section of the National Institute of High Mathematics (INdAM) whose primary purpose is to promote research activities and high mathematical education, while ensuring a high level of scientific quality.