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In the Press

Groundstate energy spectrum of magnetic knots and links

J Phys. A cover dedicated to the paper "On the groundstate energy spectrum of magnetic knots and links", published in May 2014.

Work done in collaboration with Francesca Maggioni on the groundstate energy spectrum of magnetic knots and links is featured on the front cover of the 2014 May issue of the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. The spectra of tight knots and links are found to follow an almost identical power law for increasing topological complexity, demonstrating remarkable generic similarities between knot and link families, up to the first few hundreds crossings. Results are based on an analytic expression for the constrained minimum energy state and numerical data obtained by the RIDGERUNNER tightening algorithm developed by Ashton et. al. (2011).

Fluid knots in the JPA 2012 Highlights special collection

Work on the derivation of the Jones polynomial for fluid knots is selected as one of the best JPA 2012 papers and is included in the 2012 special collection Highlights.

The editorial board of the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical selects our paper on fluid knots as one of the best research works of 2012, including a special mention in the JPA 2012 online compilation Highlights. Our work is reviewed by the Fluid and Plasma Theory section editor, Professor Gregory Falkovich of the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel.

Structural complexity in the Italian press

Work on structural complexity gets press attention: from Corriere della Sera to Galileo, Brain Factor and many others, including a feature article by Focus, summer 2012.

Work on structural complexity, based on the use of knot polynomials, finds its way in the news: several newspapers and electronic journals dedicate feature articles to this topic from June to August 2012. National newspaper, such as Corriere della Sera and Corriere del Mezzogiorno, science web-journals, such as Galileo, Brain Factor, A&C, and even local newspaper, such as La Provincia di Cremona, cover the news with remarkable details (rather unusual for mathematical works), and at times even with excessive (and embarrassing) journalistic emphasis.

The Jones polynomial for fluid knots

J. Phys. A Insight feature article on the web and JPA cover dedicated to the paper "The Jones polynomial for fluid knots from helicity", published in 2012.

In 2012 the paper entitled "The Jones polynomial for fluid knots from helicity", written in collaboration with Xin Liu, is published in the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. In the paper we derive the Jones polynomial for fluid knots (vortex or magnetic) in the context of ideal fluid flows. It is the first time that knot polynomials are derived in classical field theory, contributing to establish a topological approach to classical fluid mechanics. JPA dedicates to this work the issue cover and a web-page of its Insight feature series.

"Geometry and Topology of Fluid Flows" programme

Press release on the INIMS intensive research programme Geometry and Topology of Fluid Flows, 2001.

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In the year 2000, UNESCO Year of Mathematics, a 4-month intensive research programme on "Geometry and Topology of Fluid Flows" was co-organized by myself in collaboration with Hassan Aref, Tutsomu Kambe and Richard Pelz. The programme was held at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge (UK) and it hosted several major events, including a NATO Advanced Study Institute pedagogical workshop, a satellite workshop on singularities at MIR@W (Warwick U.), and a Royal Society Discussion Meeting in London. Themes ranged from issues on topological dynamics, geometric mechanics and dynamical systems theory, to knot theory and singularities in fluid flows.

Topological ideas and fluid mechanics

Physics Today cover dedicated to the article "Topological ideas and fluid mechanics", published in this journal in 1996. A Japanese translation of this article appears in the sister journal Parity a year later.

In 1996 the American journal Physics Today published the paper "Topological ideas and fluid mechanics", written in collaboration with Mitch Berger. The article featured prominently on the journal cover and quickly became one of my most cited scientific articles of this journal. The paper was translated into Japanese and appeared in the Japanese sister journal Parity, cover included!

Work on topological fluid mechanics in the English press

UCL Science feature article on work on topological fluid mechanics, 1995.

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UCL Science, an interdisciplinary journal of the University College London, features an article on work done by Mitch Berger and myself on topological fluid mechanics during 1995.

Rediscovery of Da Rios equations

Nature release of the article "Rediscovery of Da Rios equations", published in the Commentary section of the journal in 1991.

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My article on the "Rediscovery of Da Rios equations" was published by Nature in the section Commentary in 1991. The paper had an immediate impact in the mathematical sciences community and more generally in science, since besides the mathematical discoveries discussed there, it raised general questions on scientific mispractice and science ethics. This attracted the attention of the media, in particular the BBC, that on Radio 3 dedicated a special programme to the ways modern research is carried out in contemporary science.